New Top & Best Lock For Whatsapp, Secure Your Whatsapp

 Hello friends, welcome and welcome to your website Shree Techz, today I will tell you about the application that uses the app, how to lock Whatsapp with a new private lock please read this post for more details.

New Top & Best Lock For Whatsapp, Secure Your Whatsapp

By using the app, retrieve all notifications on your phone, if you have a friend to hide all your stuff, if you want to talk about it, friends, by using this app, you can use all your notifications friend, Friends, you can see on the phone, not only your friend notifications, but you can see notifications of anyone on your phone, whether it's your girlfriends or your sons and daughters and no one knows who their friends are. Come and let us know how we can use this app and how we can download our friends as you are told to download and download yourself otherwise you might run into problems.

How to Download This App?

This app is very easy to download. Easy to start downloading this program by clicking on the download button provided. As soon as you download this app, you should open it, if friends are here to download this app.

So friends, in that case, you can download this app directly from your Google Chrome, yes friends, you heard right, here and you can download the app directly from Google Chrome, because you have to follow the steps given below and as mentioned, you should only do this,

Friends, in this case you have to open Google Chrome itself, you have to search for the name of the app as soon as you open Google Chrome.

Friends, the name of this app is two file. As you search for this app, you will search for a name, see it on Google Chrome or on the home page, and then you can download a SIM if there are friends downloading this app. If you have to deal with problems and problems, then friends, after commenting below, you will definitely tell me, I will definitely answer you

So friends, let us know how we can use this app

Friends, it is very easy to use this app, family should first click on the download button provided, then download this app and open this app as soon as you download this app.

After unlocking only a friend, the system will ask you to get more equipment, which is easier to give you all the permission and then after giving you all the permission, you will have to use the system.

Friends, now you have to make some settings in it, such as if you have made all the settings, friends, you can use this app.

So friends, let us know what settings we will use to use this app.

Friends, to use this app you must download it from simple

Now friends, open the app as soon as you want to give permission to everyone, so friends, now you have to do something about it, as you were told in the video, friends, as soon as you told all the setups Will you be able to use the app here now?

If you are facing any permission or anything in this app, then friends will comment on the comments below and I will definitely reply to you

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